Official Announcement|Review the Past, Look into the Future · Year-end Theme Carnival of Halcrow in 2019 / 官宣|回顾过去,展望未来 · 合乐设计2019尾牙主题盛典

On Jan. 29, 2019, the year-end annual meeting of the Company was held in Shanghai. The leaders and the staff of the Company attended the meeting, at which Zhang Ying, the general manager of Halcrow (China) expressed her gratitude to the staff for the efforts they made in the past year, and shared her own opinion on the past and future development of the Company. On the occasion of the arrival of the Spring Festival, the Company hopes all of you enjoy a happy new year! Let’s create success together in the new year!

官宣|回顾过去,展望未来 · 合乐设计2019尾牙主题盛典



A letter to the staff from Ms. Zhang Ying:


Time goes really fast, I stand here again to welcome the new year together with you, and I hope you will enjoy a happy new year of 2019.


First of all, I am very grateful for your efforts in the past year on behalf of Halcrow. I also hope the efforts will bring the same recognition and rewards to you.


Unlike the previous years, the hardship of 2018 was not only reflected in the objective overtime work, business trip, but also the subjective factors, including the anxiety and hardship due to the uncertainty, confusion and hesitation for the future. Reviewing the past year, several current and former colleagues around me were experiencing the biggest pain and changes in their life.



What most people concern are how about 2019? And how about our planning?


I think the confusions mainly come from:


The downtrend of domestic economic situation and the new normal of China’s economy. Recently, the local two sessions have just concluded, Beijing and Shanghai lower the GDP targets of 2019 to 6%-6.5%.


Besides, the confusions come from the establishment of the Ministry of Natural Resources, stronger right of speech of Ministry of Land, and the transformation of actual planning contents, etc.


At last, they may come from the impact against the architecture and planning industry caused by the Internet, the Internet of things, artificial intelligence and big data in the future.



Today, what I share are not my predictions with regard to the future, but my thoughts and methods in the face of these uncertainties.


Under the constantly changing environment, what we can do or the most important things are accumulating, improving and shaping ourselves. These are what I reminded myself and performed in the recent 5 years.


I believe that everyone has powerful strength, so should believe in and love ourselves, only in this way, can we obtain the determined strength under the changing environment, and move forward.


Halcrow will become better if all of you become better, then we will become more determined under the changing environment.



Finally, I recommend a niche movie named Startups to you, because I think everyone should have the entrepreneurship, and manage ourselves like starting up business.

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