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Hal-TEAM belief: Planning is not just about drawing static graphics, it is about taking a long term perspective and concentrating on the most essential points; it is also about in-depth speculating, logical deducting and constant striving in crucial details; it is even about the nature of the object, spatial flexibility and multi-disciplinary approaches.

As only one tiny step in the intricate world, Hal-TEAM are bold in confronting complicated issues. With multi-perspectives and multi-dimensional approaches based on the sense of the planners, we are experts in giving the proper proposals at both macro and micro scale. Integrating expertise architecture knowledge, we collaborate to fill in the knowledge gaps caused by the segregation between different professions. Meanwhile, we also act as landscape architects, giving attentions to lawn and trees, flowers and ponds meticulously.

Hal-TEAM are excel in considering problems with uncertainties, and we are always willing to cooperate with both clients and governments to work out an entry point of the project.

Hal-TEAM are enthusiastic about considering the complex issues in terms of the difficulty, variability and multi-controlling factors of projects, related with an entanglement of social, economic and environmental perspectives.

Hal-TEAM are always willing to participate variable and complicated planning research and practice. Through years of professional experiences, we are sophisticated in considering and handling the system and procedure of planning, propelling projects with novel planning methods.

Hal-TEAM are not merely ordinary planners, but also integrating architects, landscape architects, researchers, consultants and scholars in order to carry forward the projects as a team.

The Webby Awards

With a pedigree stretching back to 1868, Halcrow is one of the internationally renowned multi-disciplinary engineering consulting firms in the world, with its headquarter based in London, England. Halcrow has a rich history of exciting projects through the decades. According to the American Engineering-New Record Magazine 2011, Halcrow Group Ltd ranked 36th of the top 200 international design firms.

Halcrow(China) is a professional design company established in Shanghai in 2002. We focus on for China's urban planning and architectural design business, and provide an international high level design service for customers.