Trinidad and Tobago National Conceptual Development Plan


Location: Trinidad and Tobago

Service: Master Plan




The national plan was prepared in order to promote the country’s changing economic needs, and to retain competitiveness in the regional economy. Trinidad and Tobago’s traditional agricultural economy based largely on sugar cane was in decline and becoming increasingly obsolete and unprofitable. Conversely, natural gas exploration and related heavy industrial activity was on the rise. Tourism was in need of new infrastructure and new products to promote growth in visitor numbers and improve profitability. One key task was the reassignment of land from agriculture to the technology industry and eco-tourism, with the hope that this would increase GDP with positive impacts across the whole of society. The government and the private sector were guided within a policy framework sufficient for detailed, statutory planning work. In addition to the National Plan, a set of six complementary Local Area Plans were produced, with a view to addressing priority issues. The local plan for the capital city Port of Spain thus addressed informal housing on the hills surrounding the city, and regeneration of the city centre and its waterfront. The plan for Sangre Grande examined ways in which disused quarries may be re-used for housing. The plan for San Fernando looked at stimulating the real estate market by introducing waterfront housing. The east-west urban corridor (Port of Spain/ Piarco/ Trincity) was strengthened in terms of transportation links. The Chaguaramas Peninsula, an area of outstanding natural beauty was opened for eco-tourism, and the town of Couva was planned for further expansion in heavy industry.


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