Master Plan for the Bund CBD in Shanghai


Location: Shanghai, China

Service: Master Plan

Area: About 103 hectares

项目地点:中国 上海




Known as a global economic junction and one of the most attractive urban landscapes in the world, Halcrow helped transform Shanghai Bund into a unique and sustainable 21st Century Central Business District (CBD), with a high quality of life, diverse economy, multicultural environment and historic and distinctive sense of place.

As joint winner of the Bureau of Huangpu District’s 2003 International Design competition, Halcrow used a comparison of the older City of London financial centre to demonstrate how to reinvent Shanghai Bund without damaging its historic character and environment. Now Shanghai’s most iconic district and a leading international hub for business and development, the ideas generated in our masterplan enabled the Bund to build social capital, unity and highly sustainable livelihood patterns—achieving world city status while fully embracing its cultural heritage.

The vision for our study framework was to create a unique and sustainable city that captures the imagination and interest of the world—providing a high quality of life, diverse economy, multicultural environment and historic and distinctive sense of place.

Our study evaluated issues related to urban decline, competition, traffic, heritage and buildings. The objective was to increase local and international investment; improve traffic capacity, while creating space for bicycles and pedestrians; provide new buildings to meet the needs of modern offices; regenerate heritage sites; and transform the dilapidated area into a vibrant, leading world city.

Our preliminary urban design and audit analysis identified unique constraints and opportunities for retaining the important historic and cultural context of the Bund CBD in balance with new development. Extensive new development was identified for carefully selected blocks only, enabling us to create a unifying identity for the Bund as a whole, while reinforcing the distinctive qualities of various sub-character zones.

To re-establish the Bund CBD as a world-class financial district, our development plan included a mix of uses to reinforce the vibrant, viable, diverse, safe and inclusive environment of the area. The proposed mix was handled sensitively to minimise potential conflicts, and is richest in the most accessible areas.

To reinforce the area’s unique identity, we also identified formal access points to serve as iconic gateways to the CBD, planned a multifunctional waterfront with highly visible landmark buildings and created distinctive, localised building groups to reinforce a sense of place.

The result was a highly innovative master plan that satisfied the demands of modern users, complemented the Lujiazui Financial and Trade growth zone across the river, and created an alternative, attractive and unique historic centre within the Bund area.

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