Beijing Doudian 107 Urban Design


Location: Beijing, China

Service: Urban Design

Area: 2.6 hectares

项目地点:中国 北京




The site covers about 2.6 hectares. Total building area is 99,000 square metres with 77,000 square metres ground floor area and 3.0 plot ratio. The project is located in the intersection of the production and living channel in an east-west direction with the traffic.

The design works include commercial, hotels, and hotel departments as themes, this project will provide a commercial leisure and entertainment place as well as meet the needs of the government’s requirements on city image.

A hotel and offices will be built together. The hotel lobby faces the intersection, emphasizing its visibility, while the office entrance is located on the north side, with an emphasis on convenience. The terrace building shape has increased the identity of the building and the whole layout has fulfilled the sunlight and distance requirements of buildings in Beijing. The shops are locate right along the main entrances and exits, beneficial to attract visitor flows.


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