Jilin Hunchun Riverside Section Urban Design


Location: Jilin, China

Service: Urban design

Area: About 1600 hectares





Hunchun is a county-level city attached to Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture. The site is located in the downstream region of the Tumen River in Southeast Jilin. It is the junction of China, North Korea and Russia and the centre of Northeast Asian. It borders on Russia with the ridge of Hunchun Mount in the east and south while confronts North Korea with Tumen River as the boundary in the west and southwest.

The plan focuses on expressing the local landscape characteristics of mountains and waters and the diverse culture context. Based on the original plan, it adopts an action planning pattern to increase the elements needed for urban development, including; tourism, conference, commerce and trade, leisure, education, research and development, and residence. The aim is to build up an extremely attractive urban environment for multi-ethnic groups in the region, coordinating with local distinctive cultures such as Chinese, North Korean, Mongolian, Manchu and Russian, as well as implementing the open-up policy to make Hunchun the central city for urbanisation in East Asia. Therefore, Hunchun will be developed as ‘the core area of the Border Free Trade Zone along the Tumen River, the international and regional central city in the downstream region of the Tumen River, the gateway city of the rejuvenation of the Northeast region, the leading area in Jilin Province opening to the outside world, and the pearl of East Asia.


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