The Guesthouse in the Northern Suburbs of Shanghai


Location: Shanghai, China

Service: Concept Plan & Architectural Design

Area: 456.23 mu





The site is located at Chenjia Town, Chongming Island. It connects to Dongtan wetlands in the east, Changjiang No.1 Levee in the south, Binjiang sports and leisure area in the west and Binjiang Ecological International Community in the north. Total area is about 456.23mu. It is proposed to build a five-star hotel that integrate the hotel vocation, the meeting activity, the catering entertainment, and the leisure gym to offer a high-level, high-standard and high-grade commercial meeting and leisure vocation service to the domestic and foreign visitors.

The plan adopted the ideology of “the sky and the land dominate each other while the Tao way follows nature”. Landscape space is proposed for the nature, culture, Chinese garden and ecology integration. –

The concept created artificial hills and lakes with internal and external road connection. View corridors provided good positions from different perspective points and layers. The large-scale artificial lake covered water levels of different altitudes, confronting to different buildings and rods. The building of the sports center integrated the hills and the green roof for the green concept. The land use created a brand-new layout for the “soft” and nature concept. The classical Chinese garden prospect design identified with different roads and paths to demonstrate the landscapes and flowers in different seasons. Different trees and plants provided the everlasting green color and flower scene throughout the year.

The system aimed at the environment protection and new technology used for the energy saving.

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