Halcrow (China) was invited to participate in the international solicitation of the Landscape Design Scheme for the North Section of the Green Belt on the Both Sides of the South-to-North Water Diversion in Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone project, and won the second prize

In Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, the South-to-North Water Diversion Canal runs through the commercial center, residential area, and production and logistics areas in the planning. In particular, the northern section more closely interacts with the city. Halcrow (China)  thought positively and changed the isolated green belts into the green belts of the urban life. Tongji University, Turenscape and other design agencies and colleagues also participated in the competition, with Halcrow (China) winning second prize amongst strong comepetition.

Halcrow 英国合乐(中国)受邀参与《郑州航空港经济综合实验区南水北调两侧绿化带北段景观设计方案》项目国际征集,获得二等奖

郑州航空港区内,南水北调渠横穿规划中的商业中心、居住片区、生产及物流片区,尤其北段与城市的交接互动更为紧密。Halcrow 英国合乐(中国)积极思考,变隔离绿化带为城市生活绿地。同济,土人等著名设计机构及同仁参与,竞争激烈,Halcrow 英国合乐(中国)以微弱差距遗憾取得第二名。


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With a pedigree stretching back to 1868, Halcrow is one of the internationally renowned multi-disciplinary engineering consulting firms in the world, with its headquarter based in London, England. Halcrow has a rich history of exciting projects through the decades. According to the American Engineering-New Record Magazine 2011, Halcrow Group Ltd ranked 36th of the top 200 international design firms.

Halcrow(China) is a professional design company established in Shanghai in 2002. We focus on for China's urban planning and architectural design business, and provide an international high level design service for customers.