Annual Conference of Halcrow (China) in 2015

After the rigorous test of the market in 2015, the 2015 Annual Conference of Halcrow (China) was held in a new method before the New Year. Leaders of the company delivered the opening speech with the expression of high expectations for the future of the company. Zhang Yin, the general manager analyzed the market in 2016 and made a new marketing target for the company. After the annual meeting everyone joined in on playing team games to the applause of all, with colleagues actively coming onto stage and cooperating with each other. The final victorious team received an exquisite gift.

At last, all the staff cheers for the bright future for Halcrow (China) .

Halcrow 英国合乐(中国)2015年年会

Halcrow 英国合乐(中国)2015年年会在历经了2015年市场的严酷考验后,于年前举行了一场别开生面的年会。年会在热烈的气氛中拉开了序幕。公司领导致开幕词,对公司的未来寄予了高度的期望。总经理张颖分析了2016年的市场,为公司制定了新的市场目标。在大家的掌声中年会进入团队游戏环节,同事们踊跃上台,相互合作,最终的胜利团队得到了精美的礼品。


The Webby Awards

With a pedigree stretching back to 1868, Halcrow is one of the internationally renowned multi-disciplinary engineering consulting firms in the world, with its headquarter based in London, England. Halcrow has a rich history of exciting projects through the decades. According to the American Engineering-New Record Magazine 2011, Halcrow Group Ltd ranked 36th of the top 200 international design firms.

Halcrow(China) is a professional design company established in Shanghai in 2002. We focus on for China's urban planning and architectural design business, and provide an international high level design service for customers.