Chengdu Longquanyi District Sports and Health Life New City


Project Location: Chengdu, Sichuan

Service Content: Detailed planning

Project scale: 2.08 km2

项目地点:四川 成都




Longquanyi is the bridgehead of Chengdu-Chongqing economic corridor, is connected to the old city of Chengdu, is about 22km distant from the city center, about 32km distant from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport and about 11km distant from Chengdu East Railway Station. The traffic system of the base is developed and complete, the public infrastructure is rich, and the supporting facilities are complete.

 Planning vision

A multi-level ecological greenbelt park city integrated into city life, A health city with public participation in the shared sports complex, A livable city with high-quality healthy life intelligent community.

 Project positioning

“In Landscapes, Future City”, a city with harmonious coexistence of mountain, lake, culture, sports and city.

General scheme

General planning structure

One Corridor: Waterfront cultural corridor, realizing series connection of the whole base.

One axis: Landscape axis of the city, connecting eastern and western cultural inheritance axis + sports center + The Mixc + community + cultural square +CBD.

1.Urban eastern and western axis

The urban eastern and western axis of Chengdu is adjacent to the sports center and sports forest park in the north. According to the design, the eastern and western axis will be introduced to the base, and the culture leads the urban development.

2.Cultural integration into the city

The service efficiency of the public cultural facilities is improved, the culture bears the citizen art demand, the culture is integrated into the city, and the culture leads the civic literacy.

3.Greenway network

The three-dimensional greenway network is established through the different greenway width and structure, thus realizing the series connection of various urban spaces.

4.Greenbelt system

The level-3 greenbelt system is used for the series connection of city park, waterfront green gallery, belt-shaped park along the street, street park and community micro greenbelt, and the level-5 greening system is established.

5. Building height control in core area

6.TOD development mode

With Songsulin Subway Station as the base point, the main public buildings such as office building, The Mixc, sports center and neighborhood center are built within 500m radius, and the “mixed-use” future city integrating the work, commerce, culture, education and residence is built.

7.City skyline


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