Conceptual Urban Design of HuayingXunliao Bay Project


Project location: Huizhou, Guangdong

Service type: Conceptual planning

Project scale: 0.85 km2





The base is 7km distant from the entrance of Huizhou-Shenzhen Coastal Highway, 8km distant from Guangzhou-Shantou Highway (national highway 324) and 10 km distant from Huidong Railway Station, with advantageous geographical location. The base has the abundant surrounding resources and adjoins to petrochemical industry base, logistics and warehousing industry and touring base, with Xunliao Bay coastal tourism resort in the south.

Overall goal of the planning

“A future-oriented comprehensive mountain and sea industry town”, Help the construction of Huizhou green modern landscape city, make contributions to the construction of lGuangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area and “One Belt, One Road”.

Project positioning

Modern energy service highland around Daya Bay New Area + cross-border e-commerce base, including energy commerce and trade service area, energy trading area, energy innovation research and development area, energy financial area and cross-border e-commerce and bonded area Mountain and sea recreation bay area integrating coastal tourism industry zone, common service area, health wellness residence and commercial facilities.


Ecological environment near the mountain and by the river and full of green New urban district based on energy and supported by industry; Traffic system with both fast and slow rhythm Supporting community with pleasant living environment and neighborhood feelings.

Master planning

The planning structure is one core, one belt and dual axis.

1.Elevation analysis

The height change of the base is obvious, the fluctuation is larger, it is land fill locally in the coastal area, with the overall height difference of about 150m.

2.Slope analysis

The base slope is 1/3 in 0-25% of land and 2/3 in more than 25% of land. The topography reform shall be carried out for the construction land.

3.Selection of construction land

Within 2440 mu of designed redline scope, 1280 mu of construction land is selected with the principle of relatively compact layout and fitting for development and construction.

4.Design strategy

5.Vertical planning

6.Project group


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