Nanjing Pukou Central District Conceptual Plan


Location: Nanjing, China

Service: Conceptual Plan

Area: About 2.74 square km

项目地点:中国 南京




Like other metropolitan regions in China, Nanjing is experiencing a rapid change in its spatial relations as populations, industry and employment shift outwards into new purpose built communities and business districts.

Pukou Central Area lies within the Pukou District of Nanjing on the north bank of the Yangtze River. It is the district’s planned future regional centre, with a total coverage of

The study first examined locational advantages and disadvantages in order to establish the Central Area’s regional role. This exercise led to determining the relationship between Pukou Central Area and its peripheral area of influence, and its relationship with comparable regional centres within the wider context of Nanjing. The new city’s functional structure, land use distribution and development intensity were largely based on international benchmarking. Its physical layout however, adopted a distinctly local flavor by responding to site opportunities, and the resultant relationship between landscape, human settlements and water.

The site is naturally divided into several parcels by the Yangtze, Shengli and Pearl Rivers, and by Puzhu, Fengzihe, and Bingjiang Roads. Core activities were proposed to be located along waterfronts and these included an ecological park, tourism and recreation, a multimedia park, a mixed use central business district, a regional scale commercial centre and administrative hub, and a sports belt. Peripheral to these core activities was a range of residential clusters, each with its own local community and commercial facilities.

Halcrow won the prizes for Waterfront Design and Urban Spatial Configuration in this design competition. 

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