Ningbo Wantou Area Spatial Configuration Control Plan


Location: Ningbo, China

Service: Spatial Configuration Control Plan

Area: 2.2 square km

项目地点:中国 宁波




Situated some 200km south of Shanghai, Ningbo is a historic city with stunning natural landscape. It is located in the east of Zhejiang Province on the southern shore of Hangzhou Bay, along the coast of the Eastern Sea.

Wantou has an advantaged geographical location and is rich in natural resources. It is the pivotal point in the “Three Rivers, Six Beaches” framework of Ningbo, and serves as the region’s gateway when arriving from the north via Hangzhou Bay Bridge. However the area has suffered from under-investment in development for many years.

Halcrow was commissioned to prepare the “Wantou Area Spatial Configuration Control Planning Design” for the existing built up area of Wantou. This exercise involved the integration of Wantou within the wider Ningbo City conurbation, in order to revamp the local economy. Wantou is proposed to be upgraded and re-branded as a superior recreational and business zone within a unique setting of hills, natural landscape, and waterfronts. The proposals included a varied mix of land uses such as offices, housing, shopping and sports activities that would help to engender a 24-hour lifestyle. Wantou would thus become an RBD.

RBD’s (or Recreational Business Districts) refer to areas dedicated to shopping and recreation, mainly for tourists. This concept was originally put forward by Stansfield and Rickerty in 1970 to meet the needs of seasonal visitors to major cities. RBD’s also cater for the needs of local residents by providing areas for shopping, recreation and reflection. While parts of RBD’s may have a commercial overtone, other activities in these areas are pure public amenity. So in addition to hotels, restaurants and gift shops, one would also find gardens, public parks, promenades, playgrounds, sports fields, museums, entertainment and other cultural activities.

Halcrow’s proposed plan was based on the “Nine Islands, One Core” structure of the existing plan for Wantou, and focused on consolidating and strengthening the core which was formed by the centrally located “Star Lake”(following the nomenclature of Ningbo’s famous “Sun Lake” and “Moon Lake”). The nine islands scattered around this lake are proposed to accommodate mixed uses and these will provide the animation and activity for a 24-hour RBD.

The layout proposes a gradual transition from largely urban development in the north of the scheme to wholly natural landscape at the southern end of the project. It also takes maximum advantage of water features by judiciously arranging public buildings, residences, parks and promenades along the waterfronts offered by the lake and rivers.

Halcrow won this international competition, and prepared the subsequent detailed plan for this area.

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