Taian, Shandong Central Business District


Location: Shandong, China

Service: Concept Plan

Area: 35.04 hectares

项目地点:中国 泰安




This project is located at Caiyuan Avenue, Tai’an city, starting from Dongyue Avenue in the north, reaching Nanjing-Shanghai railway in the south, starting from Xiaochang Street and reaching Zhanxi Road in the west, with a total area about 35.04 hectares.

With the official meeting of Taian international tourism city creation and mobilization, the historical and cultural axis, the times development axis and the reconstruction project of Caiyuan Street have become the founding vanguard of the city. To build an attractive new area with functional environment, it is also a major project of Taian City to retain the inheritance history and show the cultural context of the old urban area. Through some social problems, the plan is focusing on problem solutions with people’s livelihood and Taian image regeneration. The plan is to promote the strategic transformation of urban development mode and the major transformation of tourism development mode and bringing the development of Taian into a new realm and a new stage.

Positioning and idea are to upgrade the living room of Taian city, city-level commercial center, important public transport hub, and 24 hours vibrant neighborhoods and landmarks with local characteristics.

Energy regeneration is to connect various city functions, provide a platform for communication activities, and create a city center with high quality of life, work and recreation by improving the environmental conditions of the old city.

Inheritance of cultural context is to continue the commercial street mechanism, enhance the historical and cultural value, preserve areas of historical value, give them new vitality, and create a public space with a sense of history.

Green resource is to share urban natural resources with the ecological corridor and integrate the rich culture of Mount Tai and natural elements into urban design, and make people’s life more enjoyable.

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