East Expansion of Lujiazui Central Financial Zone in Shanghai


Location: Shanghai, China

Service: Urban Design

Area: About 350 hectare





Lujiazui Central Financial Zone is a rapidly growing business district in Pudong New Area. Lujiazui and the Bund in neighbouring Puxi district, together form the consolidated CBD of Shanghai.

The concept of a“Pudong Financial Zone” at Lujiazui, was conceived in the 11th Five Year Development Plan of Shanghai which proposes eastward expansion of the city with Lujiazui as its new business anchor. This is not dissimilar to the expansion of London’s financial activity whereby the old City of London needed to be complemented by a new financial district at London Docklands. On completion, the Pudong Financial Zone is envisaged to become the city’s prime financial district at both the regional and international levels, with a clustering of top financial organizations and a pool of high level talent. It is forecast that in 2010 there will be more than 600 financial organizations in Pudong, with employment for over 200,000 people. Over 18% of the local GDP is planned to originate from here.

At present, Lujiazui suffers from numerous shortfalls. There are inadequate public services, the existing commercial services are unattractive and affect the area’s vitality, there are insufficient small scale leisure and cultural facilities, and there is a clear segregation between office and residential quarters, which means the area becomes dynamic only at certain periods of the day.

The underlying project objective was to assist in accelerating the development of Shanghai into a leading International Finance Centre. The study involved an analysis of planning capacity and the establishment of a functional role for the site within the wider framework of the Pudong Financial Zone, with related proposals for land use packaging. The design deliverables included a spatial layout, an urban design plan, transportation and open space networks, and a land use strategy showing the distribution of essential community and administrative services. A management strategy was also prepared for the eastward expansion of the Lujiazui Central Financial Zone.

The plan sought to mitigate the current shortfalls described above, in order to raise the character and quality of this site. This included: Providing land for new office and commercial premises, adding complementary public and municipal services, improving the landscape environment of Century Boulevard, adding new housing and upgrading existing housing stock, and adding support services and amenity for office workers and residents.


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