Urban Design, Changbai Mountain


Location: Jilin, China

Service: Concept Plan & Urban Design

Area: About 29.3 square km

项目地点:中国 长白山




As an important development area the Changbai Mountain Tourism Reservation Area in Chibei District, the project design is based on the core values of ‘Transportation hub, natural protection and industrial import’. Changbai Mountain High-speed Railway New District continues the functional positioning of the T20 livable and tourism-friendly ecological town in Erdao Baihe Town. By relying on the ‘Two-longitudinal, one-horizontal’ national high-speed railway construction framework and integrating into the ‘the Belt and Road Initiative’ development pattern, this project is aimed at building the High-speed Railway New District into an integrated transportation and tourism hub with business trade service, a forest tourism destination and an international ecological civilisation demonstration zone, with featured industry development and ecological livability.

The plan provides a 3.8 square kilometres urban design for the High-speed Railway New District and a conceptual architectural and landscape design of the high-speed railway station and the station-front complex. The research scope is a total area of 29.3 square kilometres, covering Erdao Baihe Town, BMW Economic Development Zone and the whole Chibei District. Based on the analysis of the network structures such as land use, traffic organization, landscape green corridors and low-speed traffic systems etc., rational coordination proposals were carried out to develop an overall organic development urban spatial pattern for the High-speed Railway New District and the whole Chibei District. By provide the space for the High-speed Railway New District to carry the function as an international transportation hub and maintaining a high quality ecological base, we aim to create spaces reserved for development of tourism and other potential industries, simultaneously completing a public service network of different layers. Highlighting the unique landscape characters and senses of place of the High-speed Railway New District and Changbai Mountain Scenic Area has become the basis for the guidelines for regional development planning and design.

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