Shanghai Caohejing Pujiang Hi-tech Park A&C District


Location: Shanghai, China

Service: Concept Plan & Urban Design

Area: About 10 square km


项目地点:中国  上海




Caohejing Pujiang Park is a state-level economic and high-tech industrial development zone, and a national export processing zone that supports development of new technology and materials, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, aeronautics and automotive accessories. Located in the Shanghai region, this industrial zone benefits from access to a skilled labour force and investment opportunities, and enjoys excellent transport and logistics. This large zone covers 10 sq km and includes a New Town complete with housing, a shopping center, recreation and catering facilities, all linked along a green axis.

The plan promoted the principles of transit oriented development (TOD), by aligning new regional development with the construction of a new railway line. Regional administrative centres were established to coincide spatially with major rail stations so that high intensity commercial, office and residential clusters can be developed at these points with optimized walking distances. Escalators, moving sidewalks and other mechanized pedestrian systems were introduced in order to improve the efficiency of the public transportation network, and ease the problems of transfer between rail transit and other transportation modes.

The plan also advocated multiple usage of plots to promote synergy between different operational and economic activity within each cluster. This assembly of diverse but interlinked uses such as administrative functions, urban housing, offices, shops, restaurants, and transport infrastructure would lend vitality to each cluster, and underscore its regional importance.

The environmental dimension of the plan entailed the preservation of natural water bodies and the introduction of new landscaped networks that would weave through the development, integrating the human environment with natural systems.

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