Yuelu Sub-centre Core Area and Surrounding Area Concept Plan


Location: Hunan, China

Service: Concept Plan & Urban Design

Area: 106 square km

项目地点:中国 湖南




With the national strategic spatial framework for Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan city cluster, Halcrow provides the strategic goal with the media and entertainment-related industry as core engines, which support the development of a new core area. The plan aims to build up an international city of media, entertainment and healthcare by integrating advantageous the media and entertainment industry, medical industry and the relevant leisure healthcare industry in Changsha.

The plan will create a world-class central media and entertainment active zone with 24-hour vitality and build up a multi-functional central active zone led by the media and entertainment industry, avoiding the traditional CBD image of lack of vitality as well as indifference to human connection.

Following the terrain of the natural mountains, the majority of the mountain has been preserved while the lake has been expanded suitably. The surrounding landscape of mountains and waters has been introduced to the central core ‘media and entertainment active zone’, as a natural heart of the metropolitan area. An open spatial structure with ‘the Central Media and Entertainment Active Zone as the core, multi-axis and multi-cores’ has been designed. Surrounding the central active zone are eight functional areas, including an integrated business core area, agglomerated public activity facilities, diversified cultural activity clusters, and high-quality entertainment experiences. A multi-functional activity belt has embraced the natural landscape going through the site, as not only the green shade-way corridor but also the main entertainment activity flow. The city design responds to the landscape in harmony, rambling in the activity belt while going through every corner of the core city and the nature, and traveling through this wonderful landscape of media and entertainment city.

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