Guangxi Yulin South China Medicine Garden Concept Plan


Location: Guangxi, China

Service: Concept Plan

Area: 13.77 square km





The site covers 13.77square kilometers. The area extends northward to Yubei Avenue and reach eastward to Xianhe Wetland Park.

With the primary industry to guide the development of the tertiary industry, the plan proposed the agricultural cooperation laboratory area and the center area in both sides of the Taiwan Straits to bring in the high-tech agriculture technology, develop the high-tech agriculture and the modern fine agriculture, and build up the “colorful” industry chain. It’s centralized in the original natural landscape and the local idyllic scenery and matched with the exquisitely-planed and health Leisure Greenway, Country Park, Leisure facilities, Featured Landscape and Public Art, to fully demonstrate the beautiful natural landscape of Yulin, the graceful ecological environment and the special countryside health industrial town.

The plan included the international healthy hospital, the south china medicinal plants health discovery hall, the ecological retirement garden and the retirement nursing department in the project area. Concentrating in these functions, we have created the south china medicinal plants health and preservation community, in which the afforest plants are adopting the appreciable and representative local medical plants to show the characteristics. What’s more, by integrating with the good ecological environment of South China Medical Plants Garden, the health concept of South China Medical Plants Garden and the Guangxi longevity culture have been integrated into the community. The community will comprehensively provide the perfect health and nursing service and the various courses that they can understand, such as the art and literature performances. What’s more, there will be a farm village that will be developed in the community to enrich the life content of the elder, who can enjoy a health homeland in which they can spend the rest of their lives and realize the health and happy life.


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