Nanjing Lishui River Rouge Tiansheng Bridge Resort Area


Location: Nanjing, China

Service: Concept Plan

Area: About 5.87 square km

项目地点:中国 南京




The project is located at Lishui District of Nanjing City and the area covers 5.87 square kilometers.

The plan emphasizes on the natural ecology, maintains the original landscape texture by keeping the large-scale forest, and abandon the development and construction. It reserves the authenticity and natural style and features of the planned scope from the land angle to avoid the damage of the overdevelopment on the natural foundation of the project base.

The plan proposes four characteristics including the relic park sightseeing experience, the high-tech ecological agriculture, the leisure vocation, and the civil cultural town. This scenic area will develop characteristic and special products to build “the leisure vocation and health preservation scenic resort”.


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