Halcrow (China) was entrusted by Shanghai Municipal Investment to carry out the project of Urban Design of Huaxin Town, Shanghai

Fengxi Town is located in the south of Huaxin Town, Qingpu District, with a vertical and horizontal water and street network, as well as a dense population. In history, it was a place intertwined with persons and merchants.

Under the background of the construction of Dahongqiao New Area, the spatial status of Huaxin Fengxi was rapidly rewritten under the influence of South Songjiang, North Jiading, West Qingpu and East Hongqiao Airport.

In the water system of Fengxi Town, the Xintongbotang, Diaotang River, New Fengxi and other water systems interweave, which draws the outline of many green corridors in the plot. In the new overall conceptual planning, the water system is endowed with more positive ecological and landscape significance, and becomes the most active role in the regional renewal. At the same time, the spatial agglomeration of the logistics industry in Huaxin Town has also been reconsidered, which not only can connect to the reality, but also has the opportunity to upgrade and be reborn.

The project will follow the development sequence of the city, creating a new memory rebirthing place in the water town in the west of Shanghai by means of ecological planning.

Halcrow 英国合乐(中国)受上海城投委托进行《上海华新镇城市设计》项目委托





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